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Writing prompts list: romance story ideas

Updated: Jun 13, 2018

I strongly believe that a good writer can write a good story about any idea; there is no 100% success guaranteed story idea because what matters the most is how you perform it.

However, writing prompts can be very useful when you are lacking inspiration and ideas.

Keep in mind that a good prompt is not enough to write a good story but it's a good way to start.

  • The main characters want the same thing or need to achieve the same goal. How will they overcome this problem and fall in love?

  • What about the main character falling in love or just be strangely attracted to the villain of the story? Or the character's worst enemy?

  • Write a story in which the characters seem to be meant together by destiny. Strange circumstances always bring them together.

  • Write a romance story that starts with a divorce. Will the protagonist fall back in love again their partner or will they fall for a new love?

  • In a world where here is no hope because of a nuclear disaster, a zombie, war - or whatever you like the most - our two characters will overcome these difficulties together and find comfort in each other.

  • Write a story with differences between the characters: difference in age, race, languages, tradition, classes, habits. How love will be able to change people in better?

  • The main character is married to someone they don't love. Is it a forced marriage? Did their love die during years of marriage? Are they too different? Is the love interest married too?

  • Write a LGBT story; what if the most famous footballer in school has a crush on the bullied nerd? Or explore conflict about religion when a friend tells her best friend (who comes from a very religious strict family) that she loves her.

  • In order to be together, one of the character tells lies about their true life to the other; it can be for good reasons such as a top secret job or just because they are shamed of their bizarre (or just too boring) life. How will the protagonist balance their real life and the fake one in order to maintain the relationship?

  • A cold-hearted man/woman begin a relationship with someone only to take advantage of their wealth.

  • They have trust issues/intimacy issues because of betrayal and/or a traumatic past.

  • Their time together is limited: one of them could be a tourist (which can imply also cultural and languages differences), or maybe they are abroad for school or work. For fantasy stories: the protagonist has passed a portal and now she has to come back to her world. Same for a journey to another planet.

  • They have already been a couple before but they broke up (because of lack of love or for external reasons such as university or work) now they find themselves together (they are co-worker, they attend the same gala etc.). What's next?

  • She is a rebel with no limits; he is just a shy normal boy. How will their paths cross?

  • What if a policer officer falls for their prisoner/criminal?

  • Write a story about an emotional or physically abusive relationship.

  • What if the male love interest has a very dark secret that can kill/put in danger the protagonist?

  • Write a sad romance story that ends with a tragedy or it can also start with a very sad event.

  • Two characters are very close. What happens when one of them discovers they are in love with the other while the other is already in a relationship?

  • Write a story that involves the main character who has health issues such as illness, mental illness, disabilities etc. Is this character open to love but no one loves them? Or maybe your protagonist feels like no one will ever love them?

  • What if your main character meet and fall in love with a non-human creature? Will they overcome their differences? What are the internal obstacles of their relationship? and the external?

  • Romance story in which one of the characters is struggling with addiction to drug, alcohol, porn etc.

  • Write a story based on the best romance of someone in your life (family or friends).

Are you writing a romance story? What is it about ?

Let me know if you used one of the story ideas. ❁

Interested in reading my book?

You can find it -> HERE

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Breanna Thiesse
Breanna Thiesse
09 feb 2019

Or they meet at a camp and they are both camp counselors. Then they fall in love because their campers hang out a lot.

Me gusta
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