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How to find story ideas

Updated: Jun 13, 2018

Want to write a book but don't know where to start?

Either it's because it is your first book or if it's just a momentary lack of inspiration, this is the good article for you.

Stop thinking about it

The worst way to be inspired is trying to be. If you decided to be a writer than you probably have a creative soul.

Your imagination will run more easily if you let go of your mind. Go for a walk or just live your day as if it was a normal day and be open to the possibility to be inspired by everything.

  • You go to work and you arrive late... what if you lived on a planet where all the people were always late?

  • You are relaxing in a garden and a bird comes towards you... what if it was the reincarnation of an old dead friend?


Another great way to find your inspiration is brainstorming your ideas.

Here is how I do:

Sit down and write on a sheet of paper what you would love to be in your book or, if you don't know, just write things you love.


  • A man who can't love

  • Ocean

  • Fantasy creature

  • Tattoo

Let's say these are the words I wrote (the more, the better); now we have to imagine what kind of plot can be written with this idea.

A prisoner (man + tattoo) whose wife cheated on him (a man who can't love) escape from an island-prison he was in a boat (ocean) but during the journey back to the land he meets a creature who is half woman half bird (fantasy creature) that puts a spell on him.

Use writing prompts

You can use these here in this blog or in other websites. Sometimes when you don't really know where to start, writing prompts can be good way to becoming inspired.

Writing is loving what you write

When it comes to finding your inspiration, there is no better way than thinking about topics that are dear to your heart.


  • You love volleyball

That time when you worked so hard to win a competition inspires you.

Brainstorm your ideas about what you felt or did.

What if the protagonist of my story was a young girl who despite the adverse circumstances arrives to win a competition?

  • You love your best friend

You remember with a smile the time when you best friend was there for you when no one was.

Brainstorm about the topic.

What if your story will be about two friends that will save each other's brutal destinies with the power of love?

Just write

Sometimes we don't need ideas but just to overcome the obstacles your brain put in the way to reach them.

One of the easiest way to do it is write.

Start writing about a random subject. Don't plan anything and do a free session of writing.

You will see that the more words you write, the more you will feel inspired by them.

If it doesn't work, then stop.

Go back to point number one and stop focusing on being inspired.

Your notebook friend

Lastly, always bring a notebook with you; it would be a shame if you had the most exciting ideas for your story but you had nothing where to write it on.

What do you do when you want to be inspired?

Is one of this method worked for you?

Don't hesitates to share your opinions in the comments. ❁

Interested in reading my book?

You can find it -> HERE



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