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List of The 20 Best Animated Movies Ever

Kiki's Delivery Service

A gem from Hayao Miyazaki. The story is about a young witch, with her magic broom, with her own delivery service. When she leaves her family on a full moon night as the tradition tells she will live a moment of self-doubt. A story about finding ourselves in the world.

The Little Prince

A classic turned into a modern-day story that doesn't take away its magic. A soft delicate movie that touches deep topics such as the abandon of childhood dreams, the fear of growing up and the dry empty adult world.

Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride

Tim Burton's directing and vision are almost a guarantee. A movie revolved around murder, death, and the supernatural which is mostly about true love and kindness filled with beautiful songs.

Monsters, Inc

A cheerful movie full of gags and interesting characters, mostly monsters of all color and shapes. It will make you laugh and cry just as all good movies do.


Based from the work of the novelist Neil Gaiman.The marvelous stop-motion animation is about a young girl who travels to a different world where nothing is what it seems.

The Nightmare Before Christmas

This film is now considered an old classic it is, after all, thirty-three years this October since it was first released in cinemas. This is Burton at his very best a wondrous mix between a world of death with macabre creatures who celebrate Halloween and the bright lively joyous world of Christmas.

Full of gamer references, it will make all the '80s consoles lovers happy. A story about an unlikely friendship between a lonely game villain and a 9-year-old who doesn't believe in herself.


It's hard to believe that it's been sixteen years since the world was first introduced to Shrek, that green angry ogre who after finding his swamp over run with fairy tale creatures is thrust into playing the role of an unexpected hero in the search for the eternally sleeping Princess. Here we see the traditional story of a fairy tale flipped on its head.

Hotel Transylvania

This film is a lot better than the critics gave it credit for mainly because Adam Sandler is on there and they feel obligated to tear him down. Enjoyable humour, entertaining plot and interesting characters but still highly unrated.


The only animated movie which made me cry rivers of tears from the very beginning. Should I say more?


The protagonist is a rat who dreams of being a great chef. A story about being more than what others think about you and making your dreams come true.


From the autobiographical graphic novel of Marjane Satrapi, the movie is about her childhood in Iran and her time abroad. An intense story where humour and horrifying facts are mixed and where the characters are dynamic and realistic.

Finding Nemo

A masterpiece with beautiful animation, funny characters and captivating songs. Centered around a story of love, courage and determination where a Father will do anything to gather again his family.


While the historical facts of this movie are somewhat inaccurate it is hard not to fall in love with this film. If you look past the history and facts of the real event you see a story of a young girl who is lost and alone in the world just trying to find a warm place for her to fit and feel loved, I think this is something that resonates with us all.

Howl’s Moving Castle

Another Hayao Miyazaki's pearl with a strong heroine and her charming and complex male counterpart AKA Howl turning around struggle, love, and relationships in a fantasy setting and a unique plot.

Toy Story

Toy Story is rightly so considered a classic of animation, it has become a film that we have grown up with and now as adults, we show our children the adventures of what really happens when their toys are left alone. The first film depicts almost a heaven and hell for toys when Woody and Andy's new toy Buzz get trapped in the hell that is Sid's bedroom which is inhabited by macabre and gruesome toy creatures. Their escape is like a buddy road trip movie for toys.

Baby Boss

The Boss Baby is a funny story about how a new baby impacts a family and how only the child Tim can perceive his new brother. Brotherhood, importance of family and friendship are at the heart of this original comedy.

Inside Out

Riley's daily behavior is guided by the emotions of Joy, Fear, Anger, Disgust and Sadness that live in the Headquarters in her mind. As Riley moves to a new city her emotions will struggle to cope with the problem of being 'the new girl'.


A well thought out movie full of energy and comedic moments which explores socio-political issues such as the trappings of prejudice of different gender, race or religion.


Although the long - too long - singing parts of a typical Disney movie, the journey of Moana who breaks free from the strict rules of her society to discover her destiny. The setting is a big plus.

What are your favorite animated movies?

Have you spotted some of yours in my list?

Let me know in the comment section below ❁



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