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They say we can only succeed on the internet if we have a niche, I say that it would be an insult to limit myself to a specific field.
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My dog died: how to deal with the death of a pet.

Updated: Jun 13, 2018

Accepting that our friends will leave, or worse have left, us is never easy.

My loss was hurtful and unbearable.

Here are my tips to prepare yourself for this event and how to overcome it.

What to do when your pet is young:

The worst mistake you can make is living with your friend and ignoring that one that they will leave this world.

  • Take pictures of you and your pet

They will remind you of the good times you spent together.

  • Buy something that symbolizes your friendship: a flower, a tree, a painting etc.

In this way, they will make you think about them when they were alive; things that won't happen if you buy them after their death.

  • Celebrate their birthday

Celebrating the day they were born or came into your life is the best way to love them while they are alive and after their gone.

  • Talk to your friend

You don't want to leave them with regrets. Showing them how much how care is important. having and strong relationship with them will make everything easier.

  • Share as many moments as you can

Live every day as if it was their last; would you leave them in a kennel while you go and have fun at the beach for a holiday?

What to do when your pet is sick:

The time has come. Your friend is sick and everything seems to fall apart.

  • Go to the veterinary

You should regularly take your pet to the vet to avoid finding a illness at a too advanced stage.

If you see that your pet has breathing problems, doesn't eat as usual, looks tired, loses fur or has skin problems, has behavior changes, licks their skin too much, vomits too much etc. go straight to the vet.

Don't lose even a minute.

The life of your pet could be in your hands.

If a illness is found it is obligatory to check with at least two vets. You will be surprised to see how some vets can give terrible advice.

Ask your vet a sincere opinion about how long your pet can live with that illness.

  • Google the illness of your pet

You will be surprised to see how many people lived or are living with the same experience as you. Forums are an excellent source of information.

  • Stay close to your pet

Remember that your pet is the one who is suffering the most.

They know what is happening and they are more hurt than you think. Stay with them, show them that everything will be fine. Pets feel the anxiety and sadness so try to be positive when you are with them just like you would do with someone in your family.

What to do after your pet's death:

No need to lie: this won't be easy.

  • Be prepared for cremation or pet cemetery

It's fundamental your friend has a decent treatment. Do your research about the philosophy of the company you are addressing: respect and kindness are the key to a unforgettable farewell.

The choice between cremation and pet cemetery has to be done with caution; urns can allow you to have them always by your side while cemetery or grave , even in your own territory, cannot give you certainty (what if the ground is sold?).

  • Show your pain

You cannot overcome this alone. While it's better to strongly avoid talking about your pets death to someone who thinks 'pets are just animals', it's important you talk about how you feel with the people who loved your pet. If you were the only one, talk about it with your friends: if they are your true friends they will understand the pain that is filling your heart.

  • Remember your pet

Try to hold on your pet's memory. For example, take the best picture of them and frame it. Look at it every day with joy by thinking that you were lucky to have known your best friend. Imagine how sad your life would have been without them.

  • Celebrate life not death

Don't stop living because of this.

You are alive and you have to be thankful for this.

Force yourself to go out.

Start slow.

Maybe do a walk in the park you used to take your pet.

Write a journal about how you feel in order to overcome your pain.

Remember than moving on doesn't mean forgetting, it means opening your heart to love and hope for a better future by accepting your past.

I will leave you with a poem I found online. #hope

Let me know in the comments if my article helped you and feel free to share your emotions and thoughts ❁



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