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How to get rid of white stretch marks (buttocks, thighs, breast, belly) naturally

Updated: Aug 11, 2017

Let’s see some of the most common causes of stretch marks before learning how to get rid of them;

  • Skin stretching after a pregnancy.

  • Weight gain

  • Muscle building.

  • Puberty.

  • Heredity.

While pink/red/purple marks are easy to heal (just keep your skin hydrated with organic almond oil for example) getting rid of the white ones seems almost impossible.

Lots of websites tell you how to do it but none of their tips worked on my white stretchmarks. Until I finally found the life-saving way to get rid of them and now it’s time to share it!

No complicated things such as doctors or lasers; you will only need a gel and an oil mixed with two essential oils.

After one month, I already saw an alteration, depending on the skin you may need to wait up to three months.

In order to have the best results these oils should be applied at least once each time and no more than two times a day (morning and night).

  • Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera was largely responsible for the disappearance of my stretchmarks.

But you cannot cheat on its quality if you want to see results. It has to be 100% pure cold pressed organic Aloe Vera gel.

Put a little quantity of gel in your hand and massage gently in the affected area.

This is the link of the best one I found available on

Aloe Vera Gel, from 100% Pure and Natural Organic Cold Pressed Aloe Vera ($18.50) by the brand Majestic Pure which is made with certified organic Aloe Vera no harmful chemicals; no added color, fragrance or alcohol; not tested on animals; vegan; grown and made in the USA

And this is the one I’m currently using (available in France)

Pur'Aloe Gel BIO 250 ml by Pur Aloé (14,50)

  • Rosehip oil

So many websites ignore how important Rosehip oil is in healing white stretchmarks. A miracle product that creates magic if mixed with organic Lavender essential oil and organic essential Lemon oil.

If you have a bottle of 100ml of Rosehip oil just add 20 drops of organic essential Lavender oil and 20 drops of organic essential Lemon oil. Shake it before each utilization.

Apply the oil (which has a very good texture and smell) in the concerned areas and massage from 10 to 15 minutes in circular movements.

This is the best one I found on

100% pure organic cold pressed Rosehip Oil by Kate Blanc

And this is the one I’m using from but it’s an English brand so it should be available in other countries too.

Huile Végétale de Rose Musquée Vierge Certifiée BIO by Naissance

  • Castor Oil

In addition, (I don’t do it often, only once in a month) you can massage your marks with castor oil. Just massage the area in circular motions for 5 to 10 minutes. Be careful though. This oil is super sticky so don’t use it before going out since it will be on your clothes.

Daily Prevention

Once your white stretchmarks have gone, your job is not done! They could come back.

  • Exercise

Do regular exercise to keep yourself in shape and your skin healthy.

  • Drink lots of water

Water is crucial when it comes to preventing stretchmarks. Keep your skin as hydrated as possible.

  • Massage your skin each day with organic almond oil or organic coconut oil. They are the best oils for keeping a smooth and soft skin.

My favorite of these two is Coconut Oil since it’s not as thick as the almond one so my skin absorbs it faster.

I’ve been using the one by Bio Planete for three years now and I couldn’t be happier about the impeccable quality of it made from the ‘flesh of fully ripe organic coconuts immediately after their harvest’.

Here is the link:

  • Scrub your skin once or twice in a week. You can do your own scrub with sugar or you can buy some fruit ones.

I’m currently using Botanical Scrub All Skin Types by Yves Rocher a ‘Apricot kernel powder that naturally exfoliates dead skin cells’. Since you have to use it while showering it is such a good way to keep your skin smooth when you don’t have time to massage with oils.

I’m very curious to know if these methods helped you!

Don’t forget to wait three months on average and use them each day.

Let me know in the comments if you used another method and if it worked for you.


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2 commentaires

Ragil Nahyaa
Ragil Nahyaa
30 juil. 2020

I wanna try this, cause i've been so hopeless about my white stretchmarks. Do we use oil first or aloevera gel first? Thank you!❤


04 sept. 2018

I had stretch marks on my butt and its starting to clear them up. I'm noticing a difference and ive been using dermalmd stretch mark serum for 4 days. Some of my body is discolored and it helped even it out. I also have post acne marks on my face and im noticing a difference.

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