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My name is Viola, but I'm Purpleisweird on social media. As my username suggests, I like to think I'm weird, out of the box. And I have a hint you might be just like me.
I'm a full-time dreamer and a part-time creator.
They say we can only succeed on the internet if we have a niche, I say that it would be an insult to limit myself to a specific field.
Labels never fit me and never will. 
My website reflects the big mess my head is, and I hope you will feel at home here.
I can't wait to share my life with you, and I hope you will share yours too in the comments.
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Best vegan/vegetarian illustrations, comics and cartoons

Everyone is free to make their own choices but it takes nothing away from humans to be kind with animals.



1. @Charteris

2. @http://www.wireframedesign.co.uk/one/waiters.htm

3. @Larry Torro

4. @Eric Decetis

5. @Nacho Diaz

6. @PIraro

7. @Vin Paneccasio

8. @DrBonerman

9. @Dana Ellyn

10. @Julez Doodles

11. @Christopher Golebiowski

12. Larry Torro


14. @DanpLraro

15. @kiddhe

16. @Dana Ellyin

17. @Jo frederiks

18. @Lee Fox-Smith

19. @Plraro

20. @Jo frederiks

21. @Plraro


23. @Mark Parisi


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